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Fully accredited: Certificate III (three)/Diploma in Children’s Services


First Aid: All requirements for accreditation incl:

  • General First Aid

  • CPR

  • Anaphylaxis management

  • Asthma management

  • Trained in Children’s Diabetes management

  • Plus: Various certificates and training in other Children and related Services


I am Joanne Hague (Jo) and I have a background in Maternity Nursing but for the last 20 plus years have worked in (and loved) Childcare.


I am a registered educator with "Kids" Family Daycare program and enjoy fantastic support from a wonderful management team as well as a number of experienced coordinators who are always there to assist and advise not only myself but the families who I work with.


I worked in 2 Centres in the Northern Suburbs until the birth of our beautiful son Ezra in 2007.


At that time after being approached by a friend to care for her child I decided to continue back in Childcare and looked at local in- home Family Daycare programs.


In 2008 I started Ezra’s Playhouse and thoroughly enjoy looking after children in our own house which is a very loving and happy home.


My husband Kerry is Manager of a large Wholesale company in the South Eastern suburbs and has been wonderful in his support of the business with helping with a lot of the behind the scenes things that happen with all businesses. Due to his hours he is seldom home during my operating hours but when he is the kids swamp him as he loves joking around with the kids and the ones he has met love him. 




ABN: 12 928325 667

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