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To whom it may concern


Joanne Hague


My daughter, Alexa “Lexie” Steinhardt commenced care with Jo in February 2013- aged 5 ½ months.  At the time she started care, Lexie refused bottles altogether and Jo was fantastic from the outset at working with us to encourage her to take a bottle.  I was concerned about Lexie not being able to sleep in the main living area (she needed darkness and quiet) and, the next thing I knew, Jo had set up a cot in a different room and had the safety aspects approved by the council.  Given that Jo works from her own home, she is amazingly flexible in order to ensure that childrens’ needs are met.  She even used to sing the same song to Lexie at sleep time as we did.


Jo is a very loving person and Lexie has never cried at drop off time- despite being clingy in temperament.  Children naturally seem to feel comfortable with Jo.  My 5-year old son is also very happy at Jo’s during school holidays. 


Lexie was diagnosed with diabetes at 22 months of age.  Jo was extremely positive from the outset and determined to find a way to help us keep her in family daycare.  Jo helped us to navigate the bureaucracy of the council to get a diabetes management plan in place that we were all happy with.  Jo attended training with Lexie’s diabetic educator at the Royal Children’s’ Hospital and has managed Lexie’s diabetes very well from day one.   If anything, Lexie’s blood sugar levels are more stable in Jo’s care than when she is at home.  This is partly due to the fact that the routine is more stable (e.g. Jo is less likely to give her lunch late than we are at home if a shopping trip overruns etc!) and we pre-provide the correct amount of carbohydrates for each snack and meal time at Jo’s, whereas at home Lexie is more of a grazer.


We have always found Jo to be very communicative and reliable- she gives months of notice before taking holiday leave and communicates throughout the day regarding Lexie’s diabetes management.  If no-one is available to speak to or text with during the day (very rare), Jo follows the management plan and takes all of the right precautions.  Jo has learnt about Lexie’s diabetes alongside us, we talk regularly about her insulin doses and blood sugar readings and we feel that Lexie is in very safe hands.


My husband and I both have demanding professional jobs and no close family nearby so we are very grateful to Jo for the reliable care that she provides to Lexie.  Jo understands how difficult it would be for working parents to be left suddenly without care and she works hard to avoid that occurring. I would be happy to talk further if you have queries.


Yours faithfully




Dear Sir or Madam


Re: Joanne Lee Hague


I am pleased to provide this reference for Joanne Lee Hague.

Joanne has educated my son for two days per week for over two years. I have always found her to be kind and caring with the children, and warm and welcoming with the parents.

My son feels safe, secure and stimulated in Joanne’s care and he is always happy to go.

Joanne sets clear boundaries of behaviour with the children and their interactions are always positive. Joanne finds new and interesting activities that cater to the children’s interests and their health and well-being is her foremost priority.

I highly recommend Joanne as a family day care educator.


Yours sincerely




To whom it may concern,


I have had the privilege to have known Jo since 2008 as she has lovingly looked after both my children.

Jo has actively participated in relevant education sessions for her career and the level of her care is exceptional.

I have absolutely no hesitations in recommending her commitment and dedication, her love and safety for any child in her care.


Yours sincerely,




Dear Jo,


Thank you so much for looking after Eibhlin so well for the past few years. It truly felt like she was being for by a second mother. We have been through some tough times during that period and to know that she had your love and support through them was such an incredible help.


It's very sad that we have to move on, but we'll never forget you.


Thank you.


Lots of love

Belinda and family


Dear JoJo,


Thank you so much JoJo for having a special pancake birthday party for Elvis. You are very special to Elvis and to our family because you have been so loving and caring with Elvis (and I suspect all the kids.) 


Your passion and joy has helped our little boy grow in confidence and helped in his development into his next phase in life - potty training, alphabet, numbers, singing, and talking in his own languages.


Elvis really enjoys his time at Day Care with you and Ezra, and we'd also like to thank Ezra for being a great part-time "Big Brother" to Elvis.


Lots of Love


Shaz, Paul and famiily


Dear Jo,


Thank you so much for your love and care of Amarli. She has really enjoyed coming to play at your house and has discovered a new friend in the process. We really appreciate your hard work and dedication to caring for young children.


Thanks again.





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